How to get there

Location + Parking

To get to the Hofhouse, the route is very simple.

It takes only 2 minutes walk from Den Haag Centraal Station to Hofhouse.




For Parking we suggest you to park at Interparking Helicon or at Q-Park Rijnstraat.

Interparking Helicon
Zwarteweg 40
2511 VS Den Haag
Buy your tickets upfront via the website of Interparking Helicon:

Q-Park Rijnstraat

Rijnstraat 8
2515 XP Den Haag
More information on:

Tip: Use website as Parkbee to secure a cheaper place to park


Free parking

There are also areas where you can park for free when you are visiting our Disco Deewane party, the walking distance is only 10 minutes away. Such area is near Prins Clauslaan and Theresiastraat, before you are parking there please consider to visit The Hague Municipality website to check the timings: